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Laser cutting

Our company is engaged in the manufacturing of metal structures for various industries, e.g. construction, trade, machinery industry, as well as for the production of refrigeration devices. Furthermore, we also supply our products for the furniture industry and for the production of interior furnishings.

The metal components manufactured by our company are used for the production of articles constituting the basic equipment of industrial premises, offices, as well as residential rooms. Thanks to our metal elements, the furniture industry is able to create beautiful and exceptional furniture, including loft-style furniture and garden furniture used for private applications or in restaurants and pubs.

The team of our designers and engineers performs complex technical tasks, which cover the full design cycle, as well as comprehensive production of metal products with the use of CNC machines.

Our stock of machine tools includes devices and machines of the highest world-class quality, which allow us to organise the production process in a comprehensive manner. Furthermore, our technological process covers all primary operations, i.e. from a single workpiece, through assembly of the whole metal structure, to final installation, painting, packaging and shipment.

Moreover, our company offers a number of additional services, such as: laser cutting, bending, welding, CNC machining and powder coating, which enable complete implementation of the order by a single manufacturer. During implementation of each project, we put emphasis on quality, attention to detail, precision, punctuality and - above all - client satisfaction. As a result of having extensive technological line at its disposal, our team of specialists is able to handle high-volume production as well as single-unit production. Precise manufacturing of our products is ensured by professional metal processing tools.

We encourage you to contact us, so that we can provide specialist advice and support.

. Katowice
ul. Modelarska 11
Tel: +48 572122336
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+4 87 97 03 25 77
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