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Masfrost manufacturer of frozen vegetables and vegetable mixtures

Masfrost manufacturer of frozen vegetables and vegetable mixtures-1859.jpg

Masfrost is a manufacturer of frozen vegetables and vegetable mixtures. 

The key products include: pea, beans, corn, carrot, vegetable mixes. 

The production plant is equipped in comprehensive production lines for pea, corn, beans and root vegetables and packing lines for frozen vegetables and retails packaging. Masfrost is located approx. 60 km from Wrocław, 20 km from the Czech border and approx. 200 km from the German border. This location holds an even longer tradition of producing vegetables as the plant was founded in 1996 and thus is one of the oldest vegetable-processing plants in Poland.  The facility has for many years been subjected to various modernization works. An intense modernization-investment process occurred during that time which allowed to substantially increase the processing possibilities whilst at the same time ensuring food production safety at all times. Our strength is the location which is ideal in terms of obtaining strategic raw materials such as: pea, beans and corn. Typically agricultural areas with soils possessing high bonitation class, areas with a very good climate for growing vegetables. We are one of the most technologically-advanced production plants with a state-of-the-art cooler facility at its disposal. Our offer contains our own brand VEGGERS.

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