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Hotline +48 68 320 93 43

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Metal processing – company Gawrońscy based in Barcin
Since 1997 the company Gawrońscy has been offering the services related to metal processing of various types of metals. In our daily work we apply the most popular technologies and modern tools which constitutes a guarantee of conduct or all orders at the highest level.
In case of metal processing the applied methods are aimed at achieving the change in shape of raw material or finished element as specified in the project. Thanks to the expanded technological line our team of specialists is able to get involved in both a multi-series production and a unit production. Machines with which we work are adjusted to the processing of large-size elements. The maximum scope of processing is 3200 x 2100 milometers or the diameter of 2300 milometers. We remain open for all the needs of our Clients and we realize projects with a complicated technical specificity as well as non-standard and prototype projects.
What methods of metal processing do we apply?
We specialize in metal processing with the use of the tested and uniquely precise CNC technology. IT means that machines operating in the plant have been equipped with computer steering system that enables a very precise programming of detail processing parameters. As thus one may easily deduct the entire production process is fully automated. For the correct set-up of devices we have recruited specialized personnel and we apply state-of-the-art CAD/CAM type of programmes.
CNC machine processing may be performed on different devices – these include both CNC lathes and milling machines/milling stations. In this case metal processing occurs by means of machining, thus, removing of a given fragment of the unnecessary material which, on the other hand, allows for the goods to obtain a specific shape and size, corresponding to the technical parameters indicated in the order documentation. Precise production is ensured by professional tools for metal processing.
Thanks to basing our offer on CNC processing we are able to realize production in a thorough and timely manner. A substantial advantage of applying numerically controlled devices is also the repeatability of processes – a specific detail subjected to this type of processing may be duplicated in any volume whilst maintaining the initially set values.
Our technical back office is supplemented by such devices as automatic NC bank-cutting machines, conventional lathes, NC guillotine, winder for flats and bender for rods and pipes. Such expanded machine park allows to offer the Clients professional, comprehensive services at a reasonable price.

Conventional metal processing
CNC devices will constitute our basic working tools and they are applied for realization of the majority of orders. We are however ale to carry out also a conventional metal processing. In case of such works our classic tools may be used, such as:
- Turning lathe
- universal lathes
Beneficial offer for you and your company The offer of Gawrońscy company is directed, above all, to all Clients from the industrial sector who expect a timely execution of metal elements according to the presented technical drawings or on the basis of the existing detail/model. CAD/CAM software developers and experienced control machine operators look after obtaining products with correct specification.
An advantage of CNC processing via the method of machining is a possibility of using the programme elaborated several times, even after a longer period of time after the initial production. At the same time it provides us with the possibility of entering modifications in a situation when the Client specifies certain selected parameters. This is a significant time saving as repeated production procedures may be implemented almost immediately after accepting an order.
We cooperate with companies operating, among others, in the food industry and chemical, energy, shipbuilding or automotive industries. Our offer is also selected by production plants, frequently equipped in complex systems and machine lines when it is at times necessary to prepare single replacement elements. Thanks to the possibility of a unitary processing of details it is not necessary to order and pay for large series.
Many-years-long experience and constant investments in the best equipment for the plant constitutes a guarantee of fruitful cooperation for our clients. We warmly invite everyone to contact a representative of Gawrońscy Sp. z o.o. In order to obtain additional information concerning our full offer.

Industrial fitting
As part of our services we provide production of industrial fitting elements. Our plant generates high-class steel/stainless steel details. The production process is always based on the closely-elaborated specification thanks to which each component fulfils rigorous technical and quality standards. The entire production process is realized in monitored conditions and its realization is guarded by our experienced personnel. In our production we apply state-of-the-art processing machines.

Steel flanges
We specialize in production of fitting elements such as steel flanges. These components enable permanent and stable combining of individual sections of the liquid and gas transporting installation. Correctly conducted and mounted elements ensure tight connection, enduring pressure that reaches the level even above 300 atmospheres.
We offer a number of flanges of different dimensions and types to our Clients. Currently, our catalogue of products contains:

  • Flat flanges – for pipe connections, usually adjusted to installations transporting all sorts of substances, i.e. water or steam; l
  • loose flanges – applied in installations based on PE pipes enabling the conduct of connection of a pipelines with the flange fitting,
  • dazzling flanges – applied as dazzling, ending of a system of pipes,
  • neck flanges – combining elements with permanent character,
  • threaded flanges – with properly profiled threads targeted at connecting pipes, among others, in pressure containers
  • non-standard flanges – with functions and properties tailor-made for clients.

    One of the flange categories is also a tube sheet, thus, elements that belong to the fittings of container structures and boiler structures.
    Industry standards for production of flanges
    In our work we abide by clearly specified standards that define individual parameters of steel flanges made by us. We have adopted the below standards for the above-specified elements:
  • PN-EN 1092-1,
  • PN-ISO,
  • ANSI 16.5 American standard,
  • DIN of the German Standardization Institute.

    Producer of industrial fittings
    Why should you chose industrial fitting of our company?

    We have been present on the market for many years providing Clients with solutions and products that fulfil even the most untypical expectations. We often realize complicated and original projects, each time adjusting ourselves to the standards and needs of the ordering party. We specialize in CNC processing of goods from mental and steel in line with the highest industry standards. We offer processing with the use of CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines and conventional devices for processing by means of CNC machining of large-size details.

    Our production plant employs specialists with many-years-long experience in the industry. In case of industrial fittings not only the soundness of making matters but also the precision and closely adhered to technical standards. We strive to fulfil our clients’ orders as best we can, hence we implement not only national standards in our plant but also American and German standards - so that each element we make fits its designation. We respect our clients’ time, therefore we take all necessary steps for the production process to be as short as possible whilst maintaining all standards of work and quality. Each project and each order is treated on an individual basis by us. In case of any doubts related to our offer or the will to submit a specific order please contact our office team. We encourage you to familiarize with the remaining service-product offer of our company.
    Please contact us
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