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Hotline +48 68 320 93 43
Hotline +48 68 320 93 43

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Elektrotermia is a company specialising in the comprehensive metalworking services.

2D and 3D Laser Cutting Department:
This department is equipped with the 2D and 3D laser cutting devices that allow us to
perform precise cutting of details characterised by various shapes and different levels
of complexity.
Furthermore, our stock of machine tools includes 3D BLM LT 8.10 Fiber Laser, as well
as ByStar Fiber 12kW and BySprint PRO 3015 4.4kW laser punching machines
manufactured by Bystronic.

The lasers at our disposal allow for punching sheet metals with the following

· standard quality steel sheet metals up to 30 mm
· stainless steel sheet metals inox up to 30 mm
· aluminium sheet metals up to 30 mm
· brass sheet metals up to 15 mm
· copper sheet metals up to 12 mm
· maximum sheet size: 4000 x 2000

3D BLM LT 8.10 Fiber Laser

· processing of profiles and pipes in the range of 12 - 240 mm
· pipe/profile weight up to 40 kg/m
· cutting up to the thickness of 12 mm
· loading and unloading length 6.5 m
· processed materials: black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass

Our machines for sheet metal bending

Bystronic Beyeler Xpert 100Tx2500 mm:
• pressure 100 T
• maximum bending length 2500 mm

Bystronic Beyeler Xpert 250Tx3100:
• pressure 250 T
• maximum bending length 3100 mm
• increased machine stroke by 200 mm

Bystronic Xpert 80Tx1530 mm:
• pressure 80 T
• maximum bending length 1530 mm

Department of Steel Structures:
Our company uses modern tools and technologies in order to meet individual needs
of our clients and to deliver them products characterised by the highest quality.
Furthermore, our department of steel structures has been functioning almost from
the very beginning of the company`s activity. We have implemented the following
standards: EN 1090-1 and ISO 3834-2.

Moreover, we have supplemented the Elektrotermia’s stock of machines tools with a
welding robot:

Technical Specification:
· maximum robot range: 3150 mm
· cell dimensions in the largest version of the positioner: 6000 x 4500 x 2500 mm

Among others, our company manufactures:
· standard housings for electrical switchboards and custom-made housings
· housings for electric heating devices, vending devices, information devices, etc.
· control consoles for machines and devices
· enclosures for recesses and service shafts
· elements of devices and structures
· steel structures
· other elements - according to the documentation, arrangements and guidelines of
the client.

Offered services include:
· cutting of steel
· welding
· grinding
· heat-sealing
· stud welding
· drilling
· whittling
· riveting
· threading

Powder Painting Department:
Our company has at its disposal advanced equipment and high-quality powders,
which ensure a durable and aesthetic finishing of surfaces.

The technological process consists of:
· washing and degreasing with simultaneous phosphating,
· preliminary rinsing using tap water,
· primary rinsing using demineralised water,
· passivation along with the process of applying a layer that guarantees corrosion
resistance and adhesion of powder paint,
· final rinsing using demineralised water,
· drying,
· cooling,
· electrostatic painting,
· polymerisation process,

Maximum dimensions of painted elements:
· length 3000 x height 1500 x width 850 mm.

Furthermore, our departments are perfectly integrated, therefore we are able to
provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.


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