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Zakłady GRABO has a range of activities that are mainly based on manufacturing, but this also includes particular stages of processing wood from forestry operations to producing finished furniture plate, furniture, or floor panels in a natural form. Nowadays GRABO has two factories: one in Niebocko and a second in Grabownica, employing over 245 employees. We offer over 10,000 m3 of dried and planed components each year for our customers in the furniture industry, in construction and in interior decorating. Our specialty is a seasoned to “white” beech. We sell steamed beech, oak, maple and American nut products as well. GRABO production is based on a natural and renewable material - wood. The material we use to manufacture our products comes from managed forests. Our production cycle does not affect the environment but conforms to the balanced development principle. We have FSC certification for chain-of-custody: Qualifor SGS-COC-0095. Our offer also includes products of the highest quality – made of solid wood. All are always characterized by high quality, long-life and functionality. Our prime focus on beech products, together with our involvement in forestry, production and manufacture at both factories, means we can create the highest quality products. Using an appropriate bonding technology combined with high specification machinery on suitably prepared material guarantees reliable and durable products of the highest quality. We put a lot of ourselves into each product to ensure that all of our customers are happy - especially with the quality. By making the effort to meet our Customers` needs, allows us to keep extending our offer with new designs, services and non-standard products. We invest in the development of our company, always remembering that we can deliver the best possible service through the modernization of our factory and machinery as well as the implementation of new technologies. Our investments have a very positive influence on many factors, including the environment in particular. These results have been achieved due to European Union relief funds utilized by GRABO. We are a beneficiary of PHARE 2000 FDI, PHARE 2001 FDI and PHARE 2003 FDI programs.

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36-208 Niebocko
 Niebocko 110
Correspondence in: Polish, English, German, Russian
Tel: +48 (13) 43 950 98
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609 615 500
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