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Drewnex - production and sale of fireplace wood and firewood from Poland!

We are a modern, eco-friendly and vividly develo enterprise with national and international range of operations, operating on the foundation of a family-run business established in 2000. We process 150,000 m3 of timber per annum. The cubage of our dryer facility amounts to 2,000 m3 and the highest quality of our products is ensured by our team consisting of more than half a thousand qualified employees. Our goods are delivered to clients through our vehicles, transporting them to the countries, such as Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy. There are no impossible orders for us, our fleet comprises more than 100 vehicles and it is modernized through adding the latest models of vehicles dedicated for heavy transport on a regular basis. We meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients! If you are searching for a good supplier of cheap timber you have found the right place. 
Our core activity is the production and sale of fireplace wood and firewood. We are its largest manufacturer in the south of Poland. Our company is based in Piecowice near Wrocław. Hence, we are able to reach even the most remote locations in Poland and in Europe. Firewood in Drewnex offer originates solely from legal sources offered by State Forests. Our timber is cut and split, packed on pallets and sold out of several species of trees. Deciduous fireplace wood such as oak, birch, ash, beech and hornbeam as well as coniferous fireplace wood such as spruce and pine.


Visit drewnex24.pl

Retail and wholesale of timber for fireplaces and stoves occurs by means of our website drewnex24.pl or through contact with our specialists at tel. 571 550 786. Here, you will find out about calorific value and price of the selected 1m3 of firewood as well as the price of transport, the overall cost of order, current promotions and discounts we offer. Furthermore, you can visit the blog at drewnex24.pl  where you will find many interesting publications related to sale and purchase of wood for heating purposes and for the fireplace. Here, you will find out how to select the best fireplace wood, which type of wood to choose, which wood burns best in a fireplace, what is a firewood calorific value, what is a wood emission value, what is a seasoned fireplace wood, how is the process of fireplace wood storage and drying conducted, what are the properties of individual species of wood and, obviously, where to buy the best firewood. Our fireplace blog also contains a handful of advice on how to light a fireplace wood quickly or how to prepare a fireplace for the heating season. 


Eco-friendly source of energy

Our specialty is also production of oak semi-finished products - frieze and baulk, the highest quality materials for the following products: floors, layered boards, kitchen tops, tables and other furniture elements. Moreover, we are a producer of biomass in a fully natural and eco-friendly substance. This biofuel constitutes a renewable energy source. And since ecology matters matter to us, we have been building our own power facility powered by biomass with power capacity of 8 MW.
Biomass is an increasingly popular material, used for production of power. This material has since recently been used as an attractive alternative to coal, mainly due to a smaller number of produced pollutions. During combustion, the emission of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is lower than during application of fossil fuels. And its storage and warehousing does not carry the risk for natural environment. One of the most popular products for obtaining biomass is wood and its components such as sawdust, woodchips, bark, briquette, pellet. Biomass constitutes the third largest natural source of energy worldwide.

We love nature and animals! 

In 2018, we launched a foundation “Planting Trees”. Our goal is to plant a million trees. And everything in line with international standards of FSC certificate. Whilst we breed champions of Palomino horses, beautiful horses, remarkably presentable during shows but also perfectly suitable for horse-racing. This race is truly all-embracing, easily managing to handle various entrusted tasks.
Would you like to know even more about us? Are you looking for the highest quality of wood? Remember our address and visit us. Piecowice near Wrocław, ul. Sportowa 24. We encourage you to contact us!

Owner of DREWNEX
Konrad Jaskulski

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