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Our company is a Kościuszko family tradition and it has been operating on the market since 1986. We’re the only company on the market that sells second hand tanks made from various types of steel and plastic. We have a renovation-workshop facility, where we renew the second hand tanks. In our wide range of products, we always have over 200 restored tanks from Poland and abroad, which are ready to use and which you can review at the company’s headquarters in a small town called Wtelno, located near Bydgoszcz. Before the sale, each tank is subject to a quality test, which is certified with written protocol of tightness. Appropriately selected staff will help to match the tanks to the needs of even the most demanding customer, in terms of technical requirements, quality requirements, as well as price requirements. Thanks to our cooperation with the transport company, we can deliver purchased tanks, also the oversized ones, to any place in Europe. We base our activity on second hand tanks obtained from disassembly. Each tank is subject to the following treatments: sandblasting and painting. At the request, we also apply anti-corrosion coating and insulation coating. We’re able to weld in the nozzle stubs, pipes, foundations, couplers, etc. We prepare tanks for: drinking water, rain water and fire fighting water, for RMS, for paraffin, for cesspools, for fuel, retention tanks for food purposes or chemical purposes, equalizing tanks.
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