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GLASMARK 38-400 Krosno (podkarpackie - POLAND - )

  Glasmark  Spółka z o.o.
  Glasmark is a up to date run company, since 10 years decorated glass producer. We do specialize in creating glass with strong though subtle character both according to fashion trends as well as our clientele?s individual preferences. Owning to experience, many years? existing on both home and foreign markets as well as variety of services? range we are able to come up with every single order.

HUTA SZKŁA 63-910 Miejska Górka (wielkopolskie - POLAND - )

  Huta Szkła Kryształowego Beata  Firma Prywatna
  The company was settled in 1979 and deals with purifying the cristal glass. From the year 1990 the company was been widened by the Glassworks in Miejska Górka. It is a family company, which has been trying to improve technics, precision, quality and technology of producing and purifying cristal articles for twenty years. Glassworks possess rich tradition in production and purifying of glass, that is why the quality of products is high.

IRENA 88-100 Inowrocław (kujawsko-pomorskie - POLAND - )

  HSG IRENA S.A. is the Joint Stock Company registered in Inowrocław at 9 Szklarska Street. The Company came into existence as results of transformation of the state enterprise HSG IRENA into one-party company of State Treasure on the basis of the law from July 13, 1990 on transformation of state enterprises.

JDC 57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzka (dolnośląskie - POLAND - )

  JD Collections  Firma Prywatna

KAROLINA 05-600 Grójec (mazowieckie - POLAND - )

  Karolina Huta Szkła Kryształowego  Firma Prywatna
  From the time when the way of making glass known passed thousand years. At this time people on all continents have known the producing of cutting the glass & the work on it is present today. Beauty & style are connected whit technology & understanding the lows. In our case it is crystal glass. It is a glass very soft, of beautiful glance & a high coefficient of light refraction. It was produced in England in XVII century. In the end of XVIII century it was the glass witch was enough good to complicated cutting

MINEX 00-613 Warszawa (mazowieckie - POLAND - )

  The Companys line of business is the export of household glassware, crystal glass, table porcelain, heatresistant glass, building glass, glass beads, natural stone and refractories as well as the import of raw materials and products for the glassmaking, ceramic, and iron and steel industries.

SUDETY CRYSTAL WORKS 57-330 Szczytna (dolnośląskie - POLAND - )

  The SUDETY CRYSTAL WORKS bases its production both on tradition and the creation of a new up-to-date enterprise in which traditional lead crystal is in harmony with today’s modern lifestyle. Production includes mouth-blown, hand-cut and hand-pressed crystal, as well as glass made by the mechanical process. All manufactured items can be hand cut. Sudety offers sophisticated glass design at reasonable prices. Owning a pattern design studio and having knowledge of various cultures and specific requirements in glass cutting. Sudety is able to satisfy any individual projects given to them by their customers.

VIOLETTA 57-550 Stronie Śląskie (dolnośląskie - POLAND - )

  VIOLETTA Huta Szkła Kryształowego  Spółka Akcyjna
  The Crystal Glass Factory "Violetta" S.A. in Stronie Śląskie, founded in 1864, is a firm with over a century-long tradition and history. During this period, the factory has systematically improved its technology, precision and quality of its products. All to offer to its customers a variety of attractive forms and new models.

WESTIMEX 67-100 Nowa Sól (lubuskie - POLAND - )

  Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Westimex  
  Our company deals with items made in Poland, west and east Europe. Beside production, we are specialists in residuals, clearances and stock lots, strongest European Stock Glass Exporter.

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