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AMBALT 80-279 Gdańsk (pomorskie - POLAND - )

  Ambalt Poland  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 11:00 do 19:00    So od 11:00 do 16:00
  Are you looking for beautiful unique jewellery made of silver and 40 million years old Baltic amber? If so, then we are the company to provide you with top quality products and reliable service. We offer a wide range of different products, including a full range ladies and gents jewellery: ear rings, ear clips, pendants, necklaces, collars, brooches, brooch pendants, bracelets, rings, gents signet rings, tiepins, cufflinks, bolos, as well as utilitarian items such as letter openers, charms and cutlery. Moreover, we decorate functional glass items (vases, glasses, carafes etc.) with unique designs. We buy the glass ourselves or decorate the items provided by customers. If you wish, we can design and make unique items - only for you. In addition to decorative and functional jewellery, we offer exclusive silver and amber exhibits for collectors, galleries and museums. They are absolutely unique - no design is ever repeated.

DREMUS 95-200 Pabianice (łódzkie - POLAND - )

  Przedsiębiorstwo Dremus Waldemar Muszyński  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 08:00 do 16:00
  The company of Dremus Waldemar Muszyński was established on December 27th, 1990. We have been present on the market for over 20 years, initially trading with wooden products and gradually converting to a manufacturing plant of wooden windows and doors. In 2006, we commenced cooperation in the scope of manufacturing of wooden furniture.

With many-year experience in the wood industry and new development perspectives, in 2010 we commenced manufacturing in a new location – a picturesque town of Gorczyn near Łask in the central Poland, near the provincial road no. 483 connecting two main national roads no. 8 and 12.

Owing to funds from the European Union, we currently have one of the most modern machinery park in Europe not only for manufacturing of doors and windows, but also various wooden products made to order.

Our machinery park comprises of: timber dryer, two CNC machines (one of the them is state of the art, five-axis CNC machine in the Eastern Europe), UV-painting shop, painting line equipped with a painting machine, three planers, gluing presses, spindle drilling machines, millers, etc.

Our products are exported to France, Germany, Holland, among others and we are extending the export operation to countries of the Far East.

Our offer consists of: - furniture, windows, wooden doors, wooden glue boards, summer houses, flower pots, garden products and other designs made to order.

In 2013, we commenced manufacturing of high quality litter for animals - SAWDUST, intended for the farming of horses, chickens and pigs.

We are known for high quality and diligence (among others, we cooperate with the well-known and demanding company of IKEA), excellent performance and competitive prices.

- wooden windows, doors
- wooden furniture
- wooden glue board (pine, oak and other tree species)
- garden products – flower pots, summer houses
- litter for animals
- all other products made to order

In addition, we provide the following services:
- painting and lacquering
- timber drying
- machining – planing, drying, CNC machining – also in plastics

We invite you to cooperate with us. mail address

EXPORTER PIOTR FYLAK 60-687 Poznań (wielkopolskie - POLAND - )

  Exporter Piotr Fylak  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 08:00 do 20:00
  PPHU EXPORTER Piotr Fylak is an exporter of fresh Polish fruits and vegetables. The company purchases goods directly from farms and orchards, and coordinates the entire process of wholesale transactions with foreign purchasers. Most of products are sold to Russia, but the company also cooperates with foreign purchasers. Most of products are sold to Russia, but the company also cooperates with customers in Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium and Holland. The company was established in 2005. Its office is located in Poznań. We have obtained “The Golden Reliability Certificate” which proves our reliability and commercial integrity.

KAROLA 99-100 Łęczyca (łódzkie - POLAND - )

  Karola P.P.H.U.  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 08:00 do 16:00
  KAROLA is cloathing manufacturer. We are specialized in promotion cloathing, breathable sportwear and customization of textile products. With specialized machinery we are the perfect partner for cooperation in the field of stitching service products. Take a look at our offer!

LOMANIA 64-300 Kościan (wielkopolskie - POLAND - )

  Lomania Polsko-Francuska  Spółka z o.o.

Open between    Pn-Pt od 07:00 do 16:00
  Lomania has been buying and processing mushrooms since 1990. The resulting blanched and pasteurized mushrooms are offered as semi-finished products for gastronomy and processing industry, in packaging varying from 1 to 360kg

NORIS 64-731 Drawski Młyn (wielkopolskie - POLAND - )

  Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo Usługowe Noris Waldemar Sopoliński  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 08:00 do 16:00
  Company Noris : fresh , frozen , pickled, dried mushrooms , frozen fruits and vegetables. Since 1992 the company NORIS is involved in freezing wild mushrooms , cultivated mushrooms ,fruits and vegetables. Goods are stored in eight cold rooms with a capacity of 8000 tons.

VICTORIA CYMES 78-600 Wałcz (zachodniopomorskie - POLAND - )

  Victoria Cymes  Spółka z o.o.

Open between    Pn-Pt od 07:00 do 22:00
  The history of VICTORIA CYMES Sp z o.o. goes back to 1981 when a carbonated beverages plant was commissioned. This small factory gave rise to a company that today is the largest Polish producer of concentrated syrups offering over 100 products, including syrups, still and carbonated soft drinks, mineral water and mustards Apart from food production VICTORIA CYMES also has a plastics plant manufacturing corks, foils, etc

WIT 64-800 Chodzież (wielkopolskie - POLAND - )

  Firma Handlowa Wit Tadeusz Wojtkowiak  Firma Prywatna

Open between    Pn-Pt od 10:00 do 18:00    So od 10:00 do 14:00
  We exist constantly since 1989. We are a family business. The name comes from abbreviation of surname and forenames that belong to people who have created the company from the very basis. They are married couple Iwona and Tadeusz Wojtkowiak. The logo of the company is a registered trade mark and appears in the best shops of Middle-East Europe more and more often. We are also the only owner of “Mr. Hickory” trade mark. Since the business was established we offer our customers clothes, mainly intended to babies and small children. We carefully observe current world fashion trends and pick up those which match the Polish market. The clothes in our offer feature long use endurance, functionality, model esthetic performance and modern patterns. In a make process we use the latest technologies and best materials. We design our patterns and collections on our own considering the delivery to the customer in perfect condition and only in best quality. Keeping in touch with our customers constantly enriches our experience and its effect was the introduction of educational rubber wood toys in our offer in 2007. Wholesale prices are F.O.B. Chodzież, Poland net prices. For UE VAT registered payers, VAT=0%. Our website


  Allgemeine Maschinenentwicklung Ges.m.b.H.  
  we welcome you to our website! From the menu - column you can select the themes of your interest. These main - items will give you further information. The general selections include all the topics not concerning the plant - descriptions as e.g. the addresses of our local commercial agents in Information. From there you can also download the plant-descriptions as zipped pdf-files. In "Sale" you can not just see, what we offer as used machines, but also, which moulds are available at the moment.


  Ambasada Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w Brazyli Wydział Ekonomiczno Handlowy  
  It is a great pleasure for us to host you on our website. We do hope that you will find a lot useful information here which will allow you to make valuable contacts with Polish businessmen.

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