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At the beginning of this year Newsweek (Polish edition, 20/03) published the following text:

Browsing through rapidly increasing Internet resources and searching for needed data will require proficiency and masterly skill [...]. Since businessmen need quick access to information about markets, competitors, technological novelties, etc. - It is more profitable for companies to employ for this purpose someone from outside, than to create a new position. [...] In the West, especially in the USA and Germany, information professionals enjoy tremendous success - there are a few dozen thousand of them.

In our opinion we face such situation today. Ogólnopolska Sieć Informacji (All-Polish Information Network) has dealt with the issue for four years by creating the economic portal We gather and spread information on companies operating on the Polish market and we try to help them find new customers in Poland as well as abroad. Thanks to us, many companies sold their products to recipients they had not known before, exported their products to countries, which had seemed inaccessible so far. The first problem we face is perception of the Internet in companies. We found out the stereotype of "fashion" for the Internet. The companies receiving e-mails every day are in the minority. We are aware of that and therefore, when sending a purchase offer or an export contract, we control the situation. If a customer does not receive the e-mail we notify them about the waiting mail. The customers using mobile phones in PLUS GSM network are in the most favourable position in this respect. This operator provides a service allowing to notify subscribers about incoming e-mails. In our company we follow the principle of telephone notification about overdue offers in our partners' boxes. Obviously, not all companies enjoy the benefits of the Internet. To those customers we send offers by fax. We realize that at the current stage of the Internet development in Poland our role is not only to send e-mails but also to educate companies.

Another tool we created is the system of the Internet business information, unique in Poland. Anywhere else in the Polish Internet a user cannot put a query in a portal and have a chance to obtain answers and offers. Thanks to cooperation with a few dozen of information offices in Poland, our company can find a product, service or company by means of databases built for 13 years as well as with the help of specialists employed in those offices.

We are aware of the fact that the economic turnover concentrated on the Internet is so far only a small part of the actual turnover in Poland. Of course, there are various internet auctions but each of them is designed, first of all, for individuals. Being aware of that, we decided to build a Wholesale Exchange on the basis of our portal . This tool is to help businessmen sell their goods, surplus stores and spare capacities. We are convinced that with viewing figures at the level of 200,000 visits a day, we will be able to focus upon our exchange the people who supply trade and export companies on a daily basis. Many businessmen have problems getting rid of reserves, especially when expensive areas are designed for production not for storage. On the other hand, every day we find out that many trading firms seek inexpensive products on clearance sales, remnant sales or "PLN 4 each" products. We meet half-way our customers needs and encourage to use our website. At the same time we ask our visitors to send us any remarks, even the most critical, to the following address:

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